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Ben Salem United Church of Christ

Lehighton, PA

Ben Salem U.C.C.

Guidelines for In-Person Worship during the Pandemic.

We are pleased to announce that in light of recent updates (decrease in number of new Covid cases, increase in the number of vaccinated persons, change CDC recommendations, and change in Pennsylvania regulations) Ben Salem UCC will be updating its Covid policies for worship! As these changes/updates occur, if you are hesitant or uncomfortable, please feel free to continue to take the precautions you are most comfortable using; we do not intend on pushing you outside of your comfort zone.


You will be asked to enter the church wearing a mask, however once you are in your seat you may remove

your mask, if you are comfortable doing so. If you are not comfortable or have any hesitation, please feel free to continue wearing it! 

It is asked, that if you have not been vaccinated, please take those around you into consideration, and consider about keeping your mask on. 

If at any point during or after the service you get up from your seat, please put your mask on prior to walking around.

As for other policies - we still ask that you use hand sanitizer as you enter and we still encourage social


Our seating will continue in the same layout as it currently is to allow for distancing.

Another change, we will now be offering the elements for communion. You will notice the distribution won’t be exactly as it has in the past, the church board members will be taking precautions to protect you and everyone else in attendance. If you are not comfortable accepting the elements as they are distributed, please feel free to continue bringing your own!

Thank you for sticking through all of this with us! We look forward begin seeing your smiling faces during


Online Church Service